Auslan interpreters

If you want to use community services and are deaf or have a hearing impairment, Latrobe Community Health Service can help you communicate clearly.

Interpreting services across Gippsland

An interpreter will translate English to Australian sign language, or Auslan, to help you communicate with a non-signing person, and vice versa.

You may need an interpreter for many reasons. This could include:

  • going to medical appointments
  • training courses
  • job interviews
  • meetings
  • attending a funeral.

This service is available across Gippsland.

Accessing Auslan interpreting services

For clients of Latrobe Community Health Service:

If you are deaf or hearing impaired, Auslan interpreters are available to help anytime you access our services. Please ask our staff to arrange this for you.

For individuals or organisations:

If you would like to book an Auslan interpreter, for any purpose, contact Auslan Connections by phone or make an online booking via their website.

Call Centre: 1300 010 877


This service is for people who are deaf or hearing impaired who want to use an interpreter. Service providers or businesses that wish to communicate with a deaf person can also use this service.


The cost of this service depends on how long the interpreter is required for, and any extra travel costs.

For more information, phone Latrobe Community Health Service on 1800 242 696.