Cultural Values

DedleeKultya Dancers at the Koorie Palliative Care Forum

DedleeKultya Dancers at the Koorie Palliative Care Forum

We are the inheritors of this land; it was left to us by the Great Ones.
The land is our Mother. Our mothers at home help nurture us and so the earth does with us. The most valuable heritage we have is Mother Earth. It helps us live, because if you didn’t have a piece of earth you wouldn’t have anything to grow on.  If everybody would think of it the same way, it would be their Mother too

I believe that the first thing in being Aboriginal is that the land belongs to us and we belong to the land. That’s what the difference is between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Non-Aboriginal people know where home is, but that’s their domestic home, their house. Our home is our territory where our people roamed and lived and survived. The land is ours because our people were born there. The blood of our people was spilt there and that distinguishes it as our place. Their spirits are still there with us and they’re watching us all the time.

Our people have still got a strong relationship with the land. The affiliation between the land and our people is tied in such a way that we never, ever leave it, no matter where we go.

People never own the land, the land owns us.

When I go home to Lake Condah, I know that this land is my life; this land is me and I am the land.

So it is with all our people.

Excerpt from Lady of the Lake: Aunty Iris’s Story. 1997

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