Carer support

A carer is a person who looks after a friend or family member who has a disability, mental illness, long-term illness or who is frail and elderly.

Are you a carer?

A carer is a person who looks after a friend or family member who has a disability, mental illness, long-term illness or who is frail and elderly. A carer is usually unpaid for their work.

Carers often help with daily activities like dressing, lifting, showering, feeding, providing transport and managing the medication and appointments of the person they are looking after.

Carer Catch-up Groups

Latrobe Community Health Service Carer Catch-Up Groups aim to provide a positive, understanding and mindful atmosphere, with an emphasis on wellbeing and education.

Come and join us for morning tea and meet other carers in a supportive environment.

If you are interested in joining one of the Carer Catch-up Groups, please call 1800 242 696 and ask for an events support coordinator in your local area:

  • Baw Baw
  • Bass Coast/South Gippsland
  • East Gippsland
  • Wellington
  • Latrobe City

Activities for carers

Some of the activities or events you can attend as a carer include face-to-face and online events such as:

  • educational events
  • information sessions
  • movie screenings
  • regular walking groups.

For many carer events, the person you care for is also welcome to participate with you.


Latrobe Community Health Service gives carers the chance to take a short break from their role by taking on caring duties and providing opportunities to rest, socialise and recharge their batteries. This is called ‘respite’. Because every carer is different, our service is flexible in meeting your needs.

Some types of short-term respite we provide include:

  • respite at home
  • short-term respite at a residential aged care facility
  • respite at Mayfair House, our three-bedroom supported accommodation in Traralgon
  • help at home, such as meal preparation or cleaning
  • leisure activities for you and the person you care for
  • young carer support
  • events celebrating the carer role
  • activities with other carers.

Mayfair House

Brick home surrounded by gardens and blooming flowers

Situated in Traralgon, Mayfair House is a small, three-bedroom cottage where people aged 65 and older can stay.

Mayfair House provides short-term accommodation to seniors who need a little support.

  • Stay for one night or up to two weeks at a time
  • Come and go as you please, as if you really are at home
  • Qualified support staff onsite 24/7
  • All meals and linen provided
  • Transport to and from Mayfair House, to appointments and activities (please give us notice before your stay)
  • Commonwealth subsidy is available for most people, with a small fee

Take a virtual tour of Mayfair House

There are many reasons to stay at Mayfair House:

  • You might be leaving hospital, but aren’t quite ready to go home.
  • Your carer might be going away and you need someone around to help keep you safe.
  • You live in a remote area and need access to a bigger regional centre to shop, rest and relax.
  • You and your carer need a change of scenery to rest and recharge your batteries.


Latrobe Community Health Service provides support to carers living in Gippsland. Our offices are located in Bairnsdale, Sale, Morwell, Wonthaggi and Warragul, but we provide support to carers across the region.

Phone 1800 242 696 and speak to our friendly staff


Latrobe Community Health Service is committed to ensuring access to services for everyone in the community.

Call 1800 242 696 to discuss your individual situation.