Gunnai Kurnai Creation Story

Painting- My Dreamtime.  Ronald Edwards 2008 

The Gunnai Kurnai people have lived in the area now know as Gippsland for thousands of years. It is told that Boorun the pelican came down from the north west along Wirnwirndook (Macalister river). He crossed Dartyowan (Latrobe River where Longford now stands) and made his Gree (bark canoe) which he carried on his head. He walked on into the west to Yowung (Port Albert). He heard a constant tapping sound, as he walked, but could not identify it. At the deep water of the inlets Boorun put down his canoe and discovered, much to his surprise, there was a woman in it. She was Tuk, the musk duck. He was very happy to see her and she became his wife. MoongunNgowa (Creator Father) chose Boorun and Tuk to be the mother and father totem of the Gunnai (also known as Kurnai).



Image: My Dreamtime.  Ronald Edwards 2008