Koorie Community

LCHS strives to be a culturally sensitive organisation by working closely with Koorie people to ensure that our programs and activities are responsive, culturally appropriate and reflect Koorie community needs.  We recognise the GunnaiKurnai people as the traditional custodians of much of the area known as Gippsland.

Aboriginal language is oral rather than written and there was no written language prior to 1788.  Aboriginal people from various groups throughout Victoria were sent to Lake Tyers where languages were mixed and changed.  For these reasons, differences do occur and we acknowledge language differences throughout Gippsland.

LCHS has consulted with the aboriginal community and the Koorie Unit at GippsTAFE to ensure that the spelling and language used throughout this webpage is accepted by the aboriginal community.


Gunnai Kurnai Creation Story

Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

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Dispossession and Impact


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