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31 October 2023

Dorothy’s Home Care Package story

Dorothy was managing okay without any at-home support, it wasn’t until the 87-year-old Gippslander had a few falls that she thought about getting some help.

While close to her adult children, they all lived too far away to help Dorothy regularly. But today she is living a very independent and happy life at home, thanks to her Home Care Package from Latrobe Community Health Service.

“I had friends who had packages and they suggested I apply for my own,” says Dorothy.

“I called [LCHS] immediately and they were great. My Care Advisor Jodie is very supportive, and I trust her wholeheartedly. She helps me navigate my home care package and get the most out of it.

“I originally thought I’d just get a bit of help with the cleaning, but it’s so much more.”

Through her package, Dorothy had rails installed in her home, receives cleaning and lawn mowing, podiatry visits, ‘Lite n’ Easy’ meals, and much more.

“It was a little tricky to adjust at first. I didn’t know what to do with myself when the cleaner came, so I went and hid while they worked. Now I’ve gotten to know them, I can sit and relax knowing I’m getting the help I need.

“I’m a very independent person, probably a little too independent for my own good. But having the package allows my kids to feel comfortable knowing I’m supported, especially because they can’t keep a physical eye on me.”

Dorothy's Home Care Package story

In her working years, Dorothy was a personal assistant and was in charge of the typing pool. She had a keen interest in technology and gadgets, a passion undiminished with age.

“I just love gadgets and learning new things. It keeps me mentally ‘with it’. That’s important to me, particularly after losing my husband who had dementia.”

“I FaceTime my daughter daily, pay for my groceries using my phone, and love to use my Google Home throughout the day. My grandkids help me [learn about tech advancements], but I think I’m doing okay for my age!”

If you couldn’t tell, the most important thing for Dorothy is her independence. Like many of our home care package clients, she wants to stay at home – where it’s comfortable and familiar.

We take great pride in seeing our clients like Dorothy maintain their independence, so they can live happily at home. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Dorothy!

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