Working at Latrobe Community Health Service

At Latrobe Community Health Service, you don’t have to choose between a fulfilling and rewarding career or making a difference; we offer both.

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We offer an attractive package of workplace benefits, including:

  • Career development
  • Flexibility
  • Strong workplace culture
  • Healthy workplace program
  • Generous remuneration and salary packaging.

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Professional development opportunities

We provide work-based education and training for all employees, supporting excellence in practice and career progression opportunities. Latrobe Community Health Service has a significant program of in-house training and professional development courses. A number of options are available to staff who wish to undertake additional studies.

These include:

  • Work-related study leave
  • CEO research scholarship
  • Payment for work-related business conferences and seminars.

And with locations in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria, and a team of skilled professionals working together, there is no limit to the experiences you can have during your career at Latrobe Community Health Service. Every day is another opportunity to enhance people’s lives, and to learn from and with your colleagues.


We provide a wide range of flexible working and employment arrangements.

Some of these include:

  • A mix of full-time, part-time and casual roles
  • A monthly accrued day off for full-time staff
  • Flexible start and finish times
  • The option to work from home for eligible roles.
Strong workplace culture

Friendliness, commitment, a sense of achievement and the pride that comes from having done a great job keeps our people with us. We aim to represent the communities that we serve, embracing the richness of our people. We know that bringing together staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences helps us to get even better at serving our clients and communities.

Each year, we ask our staff to provide feedback on their experience at work. Overwhelmingly, they say the organisation is ‘a truly great place to work’. They cite teamwork, support, and the people they work with as the main factors for their satisfaction at work.

Healthy workplace program

Health and safety is important to us. We work to provide a safe environment for our people and clients. All our staff have access to the following initiatives:

Healthy workplace program: improve your mental and physical wellbeing through tips and advice from our Healthy Workplace Committee.

Employee assistance program: access free and confidential counselling for work and non-work related matters.

Health insurance discount: get private health cover for less. Latrobe Health Services offers a 10% discount on selected products. Medibank offers a 5% discount on selected Medibank products. These discounts are available to all Latrobe Community Health Service staff.

Private dental discount: receive a 20% discount on private dental services at our Gippsland dental clinics. Your family members are entitled to a 10% discount.

We also provide other workplace health initiatives, such as a quit smoking program and an annual flu vaccination program.

Generous remuneration and salary packaging

Latrobe Community Health Service is a charitable organisation. This means our employees enjoy significant tax benefits.

Our employees are eligible for salary packaging. Salary packaging is an Australian Taxation Office approved way of restructuring your salary to reduce your taxation. Salary packaging allows you to pay for certain items out of your salary pre-tax, meaning you pay less income tax.

You can salary package:

  • everyday living expenses including mortgage, rent, or credit card payments
  • meal and entertainment expenses
  • holiday accommodation and venue hire.

Latrobe Community Health Service staff can salary package up to $15,990 on everyday living expenses – and up to $2,650 on meal, entertainment and holiday expenses – each year.

A table that shows comparison salaries between Latrobe Community Health Service and other employers.

Example: If you earn $80,000 at Latrobe Community Health Service with salary packaging, it is equivalent to earning $89,770 in a private or government role.

Novated leasing and salary sacrificed superannuation

Novated leasing and salary sacrificed superannuation is also available to Latrobe Community Health Service staff.

A novated lease is a three-way agreement between Latrobe Community Health Service, you the employee, and a financier, whereby Latrobe Community Health Service leases a car on behalf of the employee.

A car is leased in your name and running costs such as fuel, insurance and maintenance are included in a single lease repayment, paid for using a combination of your pre- and post-tax salary. This means you could reduce your taxable income and pay less tax.

You can also salary sacrifice part of your salary as superannuation. The deduction is made before tax and goes into your nominated superannuation account. This has considerable benefits; you will reduce your income tax and add to your superannuation funds.

Working at Latrobe Community Health Service

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