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12 April 2019

Five podcasts to tune into for health inspo and info

Tackling long commutes to work, getting the weekend cleaning session over and done with or prepping your meals for the week ahead – these are all ideal times to pop the headphones on and tune out of the world around you. Most of us turn to music or our favourite radio station while we’re going about our day, but podcasts are a handy way to keep your brain active when you’re a bit time poor. And let’s admit, we’re all guilty of ditching the books for our phones every once in a while.

Girl with headphones

There are plenty of podcasts out there – from sports to cooking, and from science to solving crimes. You’re bound to find your podcast preferences in no time, but for now we thought you’d like to give these a go. Yep, you guessed it, we’ve picked five ‘health and wellbeing’ podcasts to tune into.

TEDTalks Health


A not-for-profit platform devoted to ‘ideas worth spreading’, TEDTalks brings together engaging speakers who deliver powerful messages that inform and inspire. TEDTalks Health is pretty self-explanatory – doctors and researchers share their knowledge about medical breakthroughs, medicines and daily health habits. Find out more at or subscribe to the podcast on your mobile.

Fitter Radio

Fitter podcast

Two elite athletes and coaches get together to talk all things cycling, swimming, running, nutrition and recovery. If you consider yourself an athlete or you’re curious about how humans push their body through intense training and competition, then give Fitter Radio a go. Bevan McKinnon and Dr Mikki Williden interview professional athletes and discuss the latest research, ultimately to help others improve their sports performance.

Health Report

Radio National

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) very own Radio National program delivers the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues. From the history and future of vaccination, to protecting your heart with exercise – the Health Report covers each topic from social, scientific and political points of view. Whether you’re in the health industry or you’re a concerned parent, this podcast might be worthwhile listening to. Check it out on the ABC website, app or on your smartphone.

Sport Australia


Sport Australia is the country’s primary national sports administration and advisory agency, and plays a key leadership role in the development and operation of Australia’s sports sector. With its overall aim to get more Australians playing and excelling at sport, its podcast series looks at a range of topics including active kids and active parents, sports psychology and how to make practice fun. Tune in and subscribe here.

Jean Hailes

Jean Hailes - For Women's Health

A national, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women’s health, Jean Hailes supports women to actively manage their own health and wellbeing through information, knowledge and clinical care. The organisation has a collection of podcasts that cover the broad and varied scope of women’s health. It also has a series named ‘Anxiety: learn, think, do’. Each episode looks at anxiety from a different life stage perspective, each with a focus on women who have anxiety and what they’ve found helps them when they do feel anxious.  This is worth listening to, whether you experience anxiety yourself, or you know someone who does.

It’s worth noting there are thousands of podcasts out there, and these are just a handful of ones you may or may not find relevant to you. If you do have a concern or question about your own health, it’s always best to speak to a qualified health professional or your GP.