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20 December 2023

How to cook healthy and simple meals with only your microwave

Lacking confidence in the kitchen? If you have a microwave, we have a cookbook of very easy – and much healthier – recipes that you can make at home.

Going for takeaway or choosing frozen meals because you’re nervous about cooking or short on time is understandable.

It’s important for good health and wellbeing to enjoy a wide variety of foods. This means eating wholegrains or cereals, vegetables, dairy (or dairy-free alternatives), protein and fruit, as well as drinking plenty of water.

Cooking healthy meals in the microwave can help achieve a balanced diet without complicated recipes or cooking appliances that you may not have.

Some of the many benefits of microwave cooking include:

  • no additional fats or oils are needed when cooking with a microwave
  • recipes often include every day or easy to access ingredients
  • can be less expensive for people who live alone or who are cooking for only themselves

The recipes featured in the cookbook include mains, soups, sides and desserts – all made in the microwave and approved by dietitians.

Click here to download your FREE Latrobe Community Health Service microwave cookbook.