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02 March 2016

Problem gambling: a first-hand account

Anne*, a client who sought Gambler’s Help counselling through Latrobe Community Health Service, shares her story.

Anne*, a client who sought Gambler’s Help counselling through Latrobe Community Health Service, shares her story.

Before I retired, I had a powerful job with long hours; suddenly, I had nothing. My husband and I had moved from the house and friends I loved. I found a big hole in my life.

I’d go to the shops, then to the pokies. I started getting home late, making excuses, dipping into our savings.

My family were worried, but I disregarded their concerns; they couldn’t tell me how to run my life.

I stumbled on gambling help information in a local service guide. I didn’t even know you could get help for free. I called the number, and got put through to a

When I started talking with Tony, my counsellor, it was like a great load was lifted from my shoulders. With Tony’s help I managed to stop gambling.

My family were very positive, very energetic in their praise and their relief. I’ve thrown myself into the gardening.

I’m saving money, and I’m not lying to cover my tracks.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, gambling can grab you when you’re not looking.

My message to people would be ‘seek help’.

Latrobe Community Health Service runs a free and confidential Gambler’s Help service for people with a gambling problem and their families.

Phone us on 1800 242 696 or visit

*’Anne’ is a pseudonym