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05 December 2014

Students and seniors join to remember community-minded friend

Albert Street Primary School students will join with seniors this Wednesday at 11.15am for a memorial to remember Danny Baddack, who passed away earlier this year.

Danny was a member of a Planned Activity Group for seniors at Latrobe Community Health Service. The group meets regularly with students from the school. The seniors teach the children about gardening, and together they created an extensive garden at the school.

In turn, the children have imparted knowledge of their own, teaching members of the planned activity group about iPads, email, and surfing the internet.

The visits to the school were a favourite for Danny, and remain so with the group, according to Heidi Losic-Smith, Manager Respite Services at Latrobe Community Health Service.

“Danny had an enthusiastic, infectious personality, and he loved gardening,” said Ms Losic-Smith. “He was instrumental in creating the garden at the school nearly three years ago, and was a favourite among the children there.

“A central aim of the groups is to ensure older people feel socially connected, and part of the community. The partnership with the school is such a beautiful example of how we’ve been able to achieve that. The kids and the group members have forged a really lovely friendship.”

Dr Monique Osborn, Principal of Albert Street Primary School, agreed that the program had benefited both the children and their senior mentors.

“There is priceless interaction that takes place between our students and activity group member they are paired with,” she said.

“Our students learn respect, tolerance and patience, and develop a really strong bond with their partner.”

Event Details

  • WHAT: Memorial service for Danny Baddack
  • WHO: Students at Albert Street Primary School, Moe, and members of Danny’s planned activity group.
  • WHERE: School garden at Albert Street Primary School, Moe
  • WHEN: Wednesday 29th October, 11.15am – 11.40am