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04 May 2018

Technology new parents need in their lives

Life can get busy at the best of times and it’s even busier when you’re caring for a little human or two. Whether you’re a mum-to-be or have little tots running around already, just be grateful you’re a parent in the digital age

Technology new parents need in their lives

Here are some of our tech must-haves for busy parents. Take a seat before you start reading – technology is about to change your life.

Shared e-calendar


You may not need to keep tabs on your little one’s whereabouts just yet, but if you, your partner or the two of you are back at work, then it may pay to share calendars with one another. Keep track of planned family lunches or outings, holidays, shifts at work, date nights, doctor’s appointments and more – the list goes on, and all at the click of a button.

There are plenty of free or low-cost apps, which you can download on your mobile phone, tablet and computer, add multiple users and link to your existing email addresses.

Try downloading the TimeTree app. It’s available from the App Store, Google Play or website for free and lets you share events via text, email or social media. Plus, it comes with labels you can colour-code and name – every organiser’s (and mum’s) dream come true.

Keepsake photography app


Thanks to mobile phones that can snap pics, film videos and instantly share your life’s memories on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (you name it), you’re no doubt forever documenting your child’s growth. And thanks to the techno geniuses out there, there are also plenty of apps that can help you capture precious milestones, create and store photo albums ‘in the cloud’ and share these with your virtual social network.

We love:

1 Second Everyday – This app makes every day one to remember by reminding you to take a short clip every day. It will put these clips from a week, a month or even a year together and you can export these at any time to create a video of your very own time capsule. This is a great way to track bub’s development. Find it here –

Baby Pics – Capture your bub’s precious moments and milestones and transform the images into your own piece of art, complete with personalised text and artwork. Find it here –

Keepy – This is the virtual scrapbooking app you’ll never delete. Save photos and videos, organise them into different albums and share them with family and friends. Find it here –

Smart baby thermometer


Ever remember getting a thermometer thrust into your mouth or ear as a kid, when you were feeling under the weather? Remember the look of guilt your mum, dad or babysitter would have as they woke you up to check your temperature again… and again… and again?

Well, thanks to today’s technology, it seems those intrusive days are gone. There are plenty of affordable digital thermometers on the market now, most of which can monitor your little one’s temperature without you needing to poke or prod them. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice accuracy for comfort.

The self-proclaimed smart thermometers can not only measure your child’s temperature, but they can also feed the information straight to your phone. Some will then tell you what to do next (nothing to worry about or call your GP) and can collect data so you’ve got a comprehensive health journal on your phone. Smart, hey? Ask your paediatrician or maternal and child health nurse for their recommendations.

Or check these out:

Smart Temporal Thermometer:

FeverSmart Temperature Monitor:

Mum & bub ‘smart band’


Watches have definitely stepped up a notch or two from simply telling the time. They can track phone calls and text messages, your heart rate and physical activity. Now, they can track your pregnancy as well as your newborn’s health.

The Project Nursery Parent and Baby SmartBand acts as a water resistant watch, as well as a:

Pregnancy journal
Baby tracker (sets schedules for nap times, doctor’s appointments, feedings)
Parent reminder
Fitness tracker

You’ll never forget a thing, even with ‘baby brain’.

Automatic bottle preparation machines


The cycle of cleaning bottles and preparing formula can feel endless. But a new range of bottle preparation machines are helping reduce the burden – especially at 3am, when you can. not. be. bothered.

These machines clean, filter, prepare and warm your bub’s next feed automatically. There are a few different versions on the market, so shop around.

Baby video monitors


This one is more for you parents than your newborn baby! When you arrive home from hospital, the prospect of leaving your baby in another room seems terrifying. A video baby monitor can help ease those fears, allowing you to check on your sleeping baby from your smartphone. It’s better than Netflix!

iBaby offer a baby video monitor, but again, there’s plenty of options, so have a look around.