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02 March 2016

Unplanned friendships at Planned Activity Groups

It’s funny how life can take you thousands of kilometres from home, only to send you a friend from your hometown.

Jean Tennant and Faye McGinn at the Moe Planned Activity Group.
Jean Tennant and Faye McGinn at the Moe Planned Activity Group.

It’s funny how life can take you thousands of kilometres from home, only to send you a friend from your hometown.

That was the case for Faye McGinn and Jean Tennant, who in their youth both lived in Musselburgh, not far from Edinburgh in Scotland.

Both Faye and Jean relocated to the Latrobe Valley with their families more than 50 years ago.

Despite being in the same location twice in their lives, they only met at the Moe Planned Activity Group at Latrobe Community Health Service about six months ago.

As it turned out, their daughters both knew each other and had been colleagues. Faye and Jean are now firm friends.

“I never thought it would be possible to meet someone from home,” said Jean.

“It’s lovely,” said Faye. “We sing our Scottish songs and still have our accents, and people have trouble understanding us sometimes.”

Planned Activity Groups are run from Latrobe Community Health Service sites in Moe, Churchill and Morwell. The groups provide opportunities for older people and people with a disability to meet new friends and participate in centre activities such as games and excursions in a safe and inclusive
environment. Meals and transport are provided.

For more information about Planned Activity Groups, phone 1800 242 696.