Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) helps older Australians keep living at home.

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Are you:

  • living at home?
  • happy at home?
  • mostly self-sufficient?

If so, the Commonwealth Home Support Program can support you in those few areas where you may need some help.

How can the Commonwealth Home Support Program help me?

The Commonwealth Home Support Program funds services that help you manage at home.

Because everyone is different, this program is flexible in meeting your unique needs.


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You may receive the following services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program:

  • domestic assistance (help at home, such as housework)
  • personal care (help getting dressed or bathing)
  • home maintenance (gutter cleaning, lawn mowing, etc)
  • flexible respite (someone stays with you while your loved one takes a break)
  • social support (join groups to stay active and meet other people)

Where does Latrobe Community Health Service fit in?

Latrobe Community Health Service is a Commonwealth Home Support Program provider. This means we work alongside you to plan your care and deliver the necessary services.

Our friendly team can arrange ongoing or short-term care and support services for you. This includes help with housework and planned respite to give your carer a break.

We can visit you at home for a coffee and a chat while your carer runs errands or takes time for themselves. We can also go with you to social activities while your carer takes a break.

How do I access the Commonwealth Home Support Program?

You may be eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Program if you are living at home and you are:

  • aged 65 and older, or
  • aged 50 and older, and identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Your first step is to register with My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422. My Aged Care will ask you about how you’re managing at home. They will then arrange an assessment, which usually happens in your home.

My Aged Care will use this assessment to work out what kind of support you need to continue living at home. After your assessment, you will receive a letter. This letter will tell you which funded program you are eligible for.

Now is the time to select a provider, such as Latrobe Community Health Service.

Where does Latrobe Community Health Service provide Commonwealth Home Support Program services?

We provide Commonwealth Home Support Program services in the following local government areas:

  • Baw Baw
  • Bass Coast
  • South Gippsland
  • Latrobe
  • Wellington
  • East Gippsland

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How do I start services with Latrobe Community Health Service?

Phone us on 1800 242 696 and ask to speak with the Commonwealth Home Support Program team. We will ask you for a referral code, which will be on your letter from My Aged Care. We can then place you on our waitlist.

Occasionally, the waitlist for eligible people to access the program services can exceed six months.

My Aged Care can also arrange the referral on your behalf. Phone 1800 200 422 and they will pass your details on to our friendly team.