Health Promotion – Action for a healthier Latrobe

Latrobe Community Health Service is committed to making Latrobe a healthy and vibrant place for all. We work to improve the health and wellbeing of our community in the Latrobe Valley. To do this, we apply a settings-based, systems-thinking approach to health promotion.

Settings-based approach

Creating healthy places where we live, learn, work, connect and play.

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Early years
Primary schools
Secondary schools

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Organisational leadership

Community Health services
Local Government
Specialist services

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Food systems

Retail outlets, vending & suppliers

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Maternal and Child Health
Community settings

Systems thinking

We use a systems-thinking framework, tools, and practice to achieve a healthier community.


Context, complexity, and leverage points are understood through:

  • Systems mapping
  • Intelligence gathering

Community is engaged and mobilised

Community demands change

Communication and marketing activates readiness and leadership for change

Places, influencers and partners understand the importance of their contribution to prevention:

  • Readiness and leadership for change
  • Problem recognition or reframing
  • Vision setting
  • Assessments and ratings
  • Benchmarking
Policy and commitment

Places, influencers and partners formally commit to prevention through:

  • Policy, strategy, standards, shared vision or actions
  • Prevention embedded in strategic and operational plans
  • Alignment or influencing policies and procedures
  • Action plans and quality improvement plans

Coordinated and shared prevention language


Places, influencers and partners participate in prevention through:

  • New initiatives
  • Capacity building
  • Rewards, resources and incentives
  • Accessing services

Existing components are modified, improved and leveraged

Resources, marketing and communications collateral developed

Media coverage

Components aligned to match community need and demand

Initiatives are mutually reinforcing

Partnership and engagement

Collaborative relationships and networks are strengthened to leverage change through:

  • Participation in shared decision making (collaboration)
  • Development of shared competencies and skills
  • Sharing of data and systems
  • Participation in networks and events
  • Connecting partners and places
  • Partners are connected outside of the health sector

Communities of practice established or continued

Place, influencers and partners lead local prevention action


Allocation of new or redistribution of assets and funding to meet prevention needs, including:

  • Allocation of internal and external staffing
  • Key performance indicators developed
  • Investment in resources and incentives
  • Links created to external funding

A skilled workforce built through professional development

Policy, components and action embedded in places

Healthy options are available and environments are health promoting:

  • Place changes
  • Healthy and unhealthy options

A comprehensive system is available to as many people as possible, through:

  • System spread
  • System depth
  • System sustainability
  • Shifts in system ownership
  • Outcomes precede impacts
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Health priority areas

  • Healthy eating
  • Active living
  • Whole-of-settings approaches

We also look at how climate change, gender, and health equity impact our health and the ways we can address these issues.


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We provide support to organisations working to improve health and wellbeing.  Please contact the team to find out more,


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