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14 July 2017

The ultimate Gippsland walking track bucket list

From the mountains to sea, Gippsland is the perfect place to explore on foot.

The beauty of this region should be enjoyed slowly, as you meander through magnificent mountains and stroll along pristine coastlines.

This ultimate bucket list of Gippsland walking tracks will whet your appetite to explore our devastatingly beautiful backyard.


Where: Wilsons Promontory

Track: Mount Oberon Summit Walk

This walk should be at the top of Gippslanders’ outdoor bucket list. You’ll get to experience everything the region has to offer, in both views and weather.

The track takes a steady uphill climb to the top of Mount Oberon, and it’s well worth the effort. Views stretch over the stunning coastline, where Gippsland meets the sea at the Australian mainland’s southernmost point.

Given its location, you’ll most likely experience some of Gippsland’s famous weather, so be prepared for windy and cooler conditions.

Walking distance: 6.8km return – a two-hour walk

Recommended for: Most ages and fitness levels, but it is recommended you have some bushwalking experience. The tracks have some sections that are steep and rough.

Image of a couple standing on top of Mt Oberon looking out over Wilsons Promontory
Images courtesy of Visit Victoria

Where: Inverloch

Track: Screw Creek Nature Walk

A brilliant way to introduce the kids to walking tracks, this gentle stroll will take you over boardwalks where you’ll see salt marshes and mangroves.

The walk continues to Townsend Bluff where you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking Anderson Inlet.

Walking distance: 1.5km one way – a 40-minute walk

Recommended for: A great walk for beginners, with no experience necessary.


Where: Baw Baw National Park

Track: Mushroom Rocks Walk

If you’re the kind of walker who likes an impressive milestone to reward your efforts, this section of the Australian Alps Walking Track has a stunning payoff.

You’ll be greeted by a maze of giant granite tors – these monstrous boulders are something to behold in this amazing setting.

Walking distance: 3km return – two-hour walk

Recommended for: Most ages and fitness levels, with some bushwalking experience recommended.

Image of the Trestle Bridge at Noojee
Images courtesy of Visit Victoria

Where: Noojee

Track: Noojee Trestle Bridge Walk

A great blend of history and nature, this leisurely but lengthy walk follows the old railway line from Noojee to one of the few remaining timber trestle bridges in the state. While walking the historic track, you can take in the towering, majestic forest.

Walking distance: 6km return – a two-hour walk

Recommended for: Anyone, with no experience needed.


Where: Tarra Bulga National Park, Grand Ridge

Track: Fern Gully Nature Walk

This has to be one of Gippsland’s most iconic walks, and it’s one of the most family-friendly.

It’s only a short distance, so if you have really little ones and are relatively fit, you can easily transport them in a baby carrier (and you’ll also give yourself a bit more of a workout!).

It’s a great walk to take in the flora and fauna of the Strzelecki Ranges, and a walk over Corrigan’s Suspension Bridge is the must-do jewel in the crown.

Walking distance: 720m return – a 15-minute walk

Recommended for: Most ages and fitness levels.

Image of bright green ferns at Fern Gully Nature Walk
Images courtesy of Visit Victoria

Where: Sale

Track: Sale Common Wetlands Walk

There’s good reason this wetlands is internationally listed: it’s a haven for birdlife, which can easily be viewed from the boardwalk.

Walking distance: 15km return – but there are several sections which can be tackled separately.

Recommended for: Depending on which section you walk, it varies from areas that are suitable for novices and even those in wheelchairs who have some assistance, to areas that are a little more challenging.


Where: Mitchell River National Park

Track: Mitchell River Walking Track

If you’re keen to give your body a workout, and want an experience that will last longer that a couple of hours, this walk is one that will round off your bucket list nicely.

Heading from the river to the gorge top, this track follows the Mitchell River downstream from Angusvale through the Den of Nargun gorge. The views are something to behold, and well worth the effort.

Walking distance: 18km one way – two-day walk

Recommended for: This is a walk that should only be attempted by experienced bushwalkers with a good fitness level.

Image of a couple hiking across the Mitchell River National Park
Images courtesy of Visit Victoria

Where: Lakes Entrance

Track: Entrance to the Lakes Walk

If you’re keen to take in the sights and sounds of Lakes Entrance, this walk will awaken your senses and bring your mind and body seaside.

Walk across the iconic footbridge and around the edge of the lake, take in the coastal bushland, the views from Flagstaff Hill and take your pick of returning via the Ninety Mile Beach or back the way you came.

Walking distance: 4.6km return – two hour walk

Recommended for: Most of this walk is perfect for families, but there are some sections that are a little tougher than others.

Gippsland is peppered with incredible walks and hikes, make sure you let us know which ones are on your bucket list.