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19 April 2018

Where to reel in the fish in Gippsland

Whether you’ve been reeled in to cast a line with the kids or you’re hook, line and sinker in love with the sport, Gippsland is a great place for a spot of fishing.

We’ve got rivers, lakes and beaches galore where you’re sure to bait a fish or two. A day out with the rod can be reely reelaxing and we can guarantee the kids will be stoked. So, sit back and read up on our favourite fishing spots – and sorry (not sorry) if we reveal your ‘secret’ site.

Kalimna Jetty, Lakes Entrance

There’s water aplenty across Lakes Entrance and therefore, plenty of fish. But there are plenty of people, too, so it pays to be smart about when and where you cast a line. Kalimna Jetty is small, but a beauty of a fishing spot. You might need to tackle the seaweed as it snags your line, but if you’re successful, you’ll catch plenty of different species including bream, flathead and whiting.

Hazelwood Pondage

Just off a 500 metre stretch of shoreline at the Hazelwood Pondage sits an expanse of warm water where the infamous fighting fish survives. The keen angler can still take his or her chance at catching the almighty Barramundi after the Victorian Fisheries Authority and Gippsland Water opened a previously closed-off area to the public. An estimated 1500 barra survived the cold winter of 2017, and the VFA will continue to stock rainbow trout in the pondage to ensure the fishery provides year-round angling opportunities for people of all ages.

Snowy River, Marlo

Bream, flathead, trevally and mullet are just a few of the fish you’ll find in the Snowy Estuary off Marlo. Of course it depends on the season, but the place where the snowy meets the sea is definitely worth checking out. Try your chances off the Marlo Esplanade or the Marlo Jetty, or take your boat out instead. And if you’ve got the kids with you, you can even cast a line from one of the Snowy River’s fishing platforms.

Bancroft Bay

Metung should be your destination of choice if you’d like to catch a fish all-year-round. Bream, tailor, flathead and whiting are certainties to take your bait during summer. And, if you don’t catch any, you can always indulge in local fresh seafood at one of the quality eateries in town.

Port Albert

Here you’ve got the best of both worlds – you can either explore the expansive water in sheltered estuaries or take the boat out further into Bass Strait. Or, you can stay on the land and fish off a jetty. From flathead to snapper, and salmon to gummy sharks – the chances of you catching some decent-sized fish are endless. But before you head home to cook up your catch, feast on some fresh seafood at the local fish and chip shop.

Tanjil River

Two branches of Tanjil River join up before flowing into Blue Rock Lake in Willow Grove. This river has a school of brown and rainbow trout, which makes for great fun fishing. But if you’re after bass or common carp, head to Blue Rock Lake. Here, you can cast lures or flies into the snags in the early morning or at dusk; float an unweighted worm about 3-4m from the bank if fishing from a boat or kayak; or cast a light-running sinker using worm as bait from the bank.

Venus Bay

If you’re keen to tackle a bout of surf fishing in winter and enjoy eating your fair share of salmon, then Venus Bay should be your port of call. There are five beaches to choose to fish from, where you’ll usually reel in decent-sized salmon or gummy sharks. And with plenty of other keen anglers nearby, you’re sure to trade a tip or two or even some bait if you run out.