A podiatrist is a health professional who specialises in looking after feet and lower limbs. They help prevent, treat and diagnose foot conditions.

How podiatry can help you

Podiatrists can help you to manage foot, ankle and lower limb problems related to injury, illness, disease or a disability.

Podiatry can assist you with:

  • caring for your feet if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or helping you to manage the effects of diabetes complications such as wounds and poor blood supply.
  • treating your corns and callouses
  • treating fungal or thickened nails
  • treating warts
  • helping you to manage your feet and walking if you have pain or deformity
  • prescribing orthotics and shoes.

Podiatrists will see you in individual on-site consultations, but may also refer you to group education sessions or to a footcare assistant if you require ongoing nail cutting.


Public podiatry services are available to people who work, live or study in Latrobe City. We prioritise our services for people on low-medium incomes and holders of concession cards.

Private podiatry services are available for people with allied health MBS referrals, eligible DVA referrals and those with private health insurance.

Claims under TAC and WorkCover are not eligible.


Public clients

Concession card holders

  • $25.00 per consult

Non-concession card holders

  • $36.00 per consult

Private clients

  • Initial consultation $72.10
  • Standard consultation $65.70

Phone Latrobe Community Health Service on 1800 242 696 to discuss your individual situation.