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13 January 2020

5 simple tips for drinking more water each day

Most of us know we need to drink at least 2 litres – or 8 cups – of water every day. And, most of us struggle with that. For starters, the more water you drink, the more visits you’ll take to the loo. Secondly, water is a little tasteless, right? And thirdly: we’re all busy people; how can we possibly remember to drink more water on top of everything else on our to-do list? Is it really that important?

Woman drinking water

The simple answer is ‘yes, it is that important’. Water makes up a pretty large part of our bodies, and for good reason. It helps to flush waste from our bodies, it regulates body temperature and it supports our brains to function. We know this happens properly in men who drink 2.6 litres (about 10 cups) and in women who drink 2.1 litres (about 8 cups) of water a day. Kids aged 5-8 should aim for 5 cups, 9-12 year-olds should have 7 cups and teens aged 13 and older should aim for 8-10 cups like adults.

If you’re someone who finds the thought of that much water challenging, try out these 5 tips:

Carry a water bottle with you

Purple sports bottle on ground

This is a visual and physical reminder to drink more water. By carrying a bottle with you, you’re inadvertently going to remember to take a few sips wherever you go. Carry a bottle while you’re cleaning the house or running after the kids. Bring one with you when you’re shopping or out and about. And keep a bottle at work and fill this up before you even check your emails!

Drink water with every meal

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time, or even just a snack, drink water while you eat. We’re all pretty good at remembering to eat, and adding water to your meals is a simple way to make sure you’re staying hydrated. Set the example by placing a cool jug of water at the table, so the entire family ups their water intake.

Drink a cup of water every hour

Person holding drinking cup sitting

If you work the standard 8-hour day, drinking a cup an hour means you’ll reach your daily quota in no time (or 8 hours to be exact)! Fill up your cup as soon as you get to work. Then, at the start of every hour drink the remaining water and refill. This is pretty easy way to keep your water intake consistent throughout your day.

Keep water in the fridge

There’s something about cold water that makes it that little more refreshing, especially on hot days. Keeping a jug in the fridge will encourage you and the littlies to drink more water; it’ll help you cool down and prevent you from getting dehydrated.

Add flavour

Sliced lemon in glass pitcher

Try adding a little flavour to your water by adding slices of fruit to each glass or bottle. Strawberries, oranges, lemons and limes are pretty tasty additions.