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29 March 2016

Carer rejuvenated after six-week course

When Amanda Seabrook moved to the Latrobe Valley, she spent several months arranging medical care for her husband, Eddie, who has multiple health conditions.

Carer rejuvenated after six-week course

When Amanda Seabrook moved to the Latrobe Valley, she spent several months arranging medical care for her husband, Eddie, who has multiple health conditions.

She didn’t know anyone in the area, and didn’t have the time to socialise. Some days, even looking after herself felt like too much.

“I got lost in the responsibility of looking after my husband,” said Amanda. “Remembering to brush my teeth was hard, and a shower in peace was a luxury.

“I felt like I had lost all of me.”

When Amanda found out about the CARE for Carers program at Latrobe Community Health Service, she knew she needed to attend.

“When I started reaching out for help, I felt I was no longer collapsing under the weight (of caring),” she said.

“Attending the program helped me peel back all the responsibilities to show me that I’m still here.”

Amanda said the course provided excellent information about carers, for carers, not the person they’re looking after.

“I learned to set small, manageable goals and to make time for
myself,” she said. “I needed this course more than I thought I did.”

CARE for Carers is a free six-week program. The next course will commence on Wednesday, 27 April at the Morwell Bowls Club.

Phone Tracey Arnold or Ingrid Clarke at Latrobe Community Health Service on 1800 242 696 to find out more about the program.