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15 August 2018

Do you often find yourself saying ‘I reckon there’s a better way’?

The health system often feels complex. We’re looking for people like you to advise us on how we can continue to make our services relevant to the community and easy to access.

Do you often find yourself saying ‘I reckon there’s a better way’?

Far from just identifying problems, you would provide potential solutions that help us improve our services to the community.

This advice could include:

  • Providing feedback on the language we use in our brochures, advertising and website. Are they easy to understand, or are there too many technical words?
  • Looking at the feedback we’ve received to see what we’re doing well and what we could improve.
  • Reviewing the experience people have when they come to our buildings. Can they find their way? Is the signage okay? Are they greeted warmly and professionally when they arrive?
  • Provide feedback on what ‘excellent customer service’ looks like, so we can include it in our training to staff.

The time commitment for the Community Participation Committee is a catered two-hour meeting, four times per year (eight hours in total), plus a little bit of reading before each meeting.

If you need to, you can phone in or join the meeting via videoconference from one of our other offices. We also have interpreters available.

Diversity is important to us, so whatever your walk of life, please consider applying.

Contact Lauren Daly before Tuesday 21st August by phone (5136 5377) or email