Aged care

If you are aged 65 years and above and would like some support to help you stay independent for longer, we can help.

Help at home

Carer support

The options for support as you age can be complex. But Latrobe Community Health Service can help. We offer a range of aged care services. Some are government-funded, some are free, and others you can pay for.

At our Latrobe valley sites, you can see a doctor, dentist, podiatrist or diabetes nurse. You can also socialise and make friends at a planned activity group, or attend free talks.

If you live in other parts of Gippsland, in Melbourne’s eastern metropolitan region, or in the Hume and Grampians regions, we also provide Home Care Packages. These are designed to support you, or the person you care for, to stay active and independent and living at home for as long as possible.

Aged care assessment service

If you would like to know if you’re eligible for government support, you will be asked to participate in an aged care assessment (ACAS).

This is a government assessment. In Gippsland, Latrobe Community Health Service conducts the assessments on the government’s behalf.

Once you have had the ACAS assessment, you will receive a letter to tell you if you have been approved as eligible for government services. Your letter will tell you what type of services you’re eligible for and approved to receive, as well as the reasons why.

When an assistance package becomes available, a range of aged care service providers in the region will contact you to ask if you would like to take up that package through their service.

Although Latrobe Community Health Service runs the assessment service in Gippsland, you don’t have to use our aged care services – you can choose whichever provider you like.

Learn more about aged care assessments

If you live in eastern metropolitan Melbourne, or the Hume or Grampians regions, you will need to contact the aged care assessment service in your area for an assessment. You can find out more by phoning My Aged Care on 1800 200 422, or by visiting their website at


Elderly couple smiling

Latrobe Community Health Service gives carers the chance to take a short break from their role by taking on caring duties and providing opportunities to rest, socialise and recharge their batteries. This is called ‘respite’.

Some types of short-term respite we provide include:

  • respite at home during the day or after-hours
  • respite at a residential aged care facility
  • respite at Mayfair House, our three-bedroom supported accommodation in Traralgon
  • leisure activities for you or the person you care for
  • day programs, camps, weekends away and accommodation support.

Learn more about carer respite

Planned activity groups


A planned activity group is a group which meets to enjoy doing things together in a friendly and supportive environment. These activities are targeted at seniors.

Some of the activities include cooking classes, craft sessions, games and guest speakers.

Sometimes, off-site events are organised. This includes trips to local attractions and events, such as car shows, expos and open gardens.

Transport, a two-course meal and morning tea is included. Planned activity groups are held on weekdays from 9.30am to 2.30pm in Moe and Morwell, and on Wednesday and Friday in Churchill at the same time.


Aged care services

To receive aged care services from Latrobe Community Health Service, you must be aged 65 years and above. If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you should be aged 50 years and above. The same criteria will apply if you need an aged care assessment.

In some cases, other eligibility criteria may apply, so phone Latrobe Community Health Service on 1800 242 696 to discuss your individual situation.

Planned activity groups

Planned activity groups are available to people who are eligible for home and community care living in the towns of Moe, Morwell and Churchill or surrounding areas.

People aged 65 years and above can attend planned activity groups. People with a disability aged between 18 and 65 years can also attend.


Aged care services

We charge fees, and the cost depends on the type of aged care service you use. You will receive regular statements to tell you how much each service costs. Phone Latrobe Community Health Service on 1800 242 696 to discuss your individual situation.

To receive a home care package, you will need to complete an income test through Centrelink. This test will determine whether you will be asked to contribute to your home care package cost.

Aged Care Assessment Service


Planned activity groups

Each planned activity group session costs $16.50, which includes meals. If a trip is off-site, it will cost an extra $5. Other activities may have extra costs.